Dr Seuss is Racist, Thomas the Tank Engine is Sexist

Everything is racist or sexism. Or homophobic and transphobic. Or some sort of hate crime. 

On the heels of a librarian denouncing a donation of Dr. Seuss books because they're racist, we have an extensive essay denouncing Thomas the Tank Engine.

conducted a critical race analysis of 50 children’s books by Seuss and found that 98 percent of the human characters were white, and only two percent were people of color.

And then we have this social justice essay denouncing Thomas the Tank Engine in the New Yorker...

When I watched “Shining Time Station,” I was too young and too absorbed by the fever-dream visual textures to take in anything that was actually happening. But through the dedicated and comprehensive Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia, as well as a smattering of critical assessments and message-board threads from dedicated viewers, I have become a little obsessed with the show’s repressive, authoritarian soul.

Yes, that's a New Yorker essay attacking a children's show that quotes "message-board threads from dedicated viewers". 

This is professional journalism. None of that amateur blogger stuff. This is what David Remnick thinks is quality stuff.

.There are citations of YouTube comments...

“I guess the lesson is that if someone is bullying you, kill them?” a YouTube commenter writes.

"one Tumblr thread holds that Thomas and friends have other motivations." 

So this is what the New Yorker does now. It cites anonymous YouTube comments. And Tumblr. To attack a children's TV show.

(More information on the class and gender hierarchy of Thomas the Tank Engine can be found in “A Very Useful Engine: The Politics of Thomas and Friends,” a 2009 article by Shauna Wilton, a professor at the University of Alberta.)

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