"God Hates America" Backs NFL's Anthem Protest

Hang on, NFL. Help is coming.

The Westboro Baptist Church, a cult more familiarly known as God Hates Fags or God Hates America (when its members are protesting at the funerals of soldiers), has come out in support of the NFL anti-anthem protest.

Westboro Baptist Church takes a seat for the entirety of the national anthem! @DallasCowboys #JerryJones" the WBC Twitter account posted. Along with a sign God Hates America. (Subtitle: God Hates America.)

Yes, they really do hate this country.

As Megan Fox notes, "After the protesting Westboro Baptist cult lunatics began picketing the funerals of soldiers, motorcycle-riding patriots called the Patriot Guard Riders began showing up by the hundreds to protect the families of soldiers from the hateful shouting imbeciles. My family was lucky enough to have 300 of these brave Americans park themselves between us and them when my cousin, who died in Afghanistan, was buried. It was the most wonderful sight to see a sea of flag-bearing men and women standing between us and the onslaught of hatred." 

The WBC support for the NFL's black nationalist hatred of America and its anthem is not too surprising if you know its history.

For at least 12 years, the Rev. Fred Phelps has led his Topeka, Kansas, church on a cross-country crusade against gays and lesbians. That crusade ignited a legal battle that has reached the U.S. Supreme Court.

But there is another Phelps that few know. He was a "brilliant" civil rights attorney in the 1960s who would take on racial discrimination cases that no other lawyers would touch, say longtime African-American civic leaders in Topeka.

Phelps was a Democrat. And once backed Al Gore. And the WBC has come out against Roy Moore.

While the WBC is anti-Semitic, it hasn't been known to be racist. So its position isn't too surprising.