Veterans Will Boycott Anti-American NFL

The media eagerly plays up the stories of any veteran willing to approve of the NFL's disrespect of America. There's much less interest in covering the everyday responses at the VFW and American Legion.

A Facebook group is urging veterans to boycott the NFL on Veterans Day, but at least a few veterans organizations say they're turning off the games immediately.

One of them is American Legion Post 109 in Mechanicsburg.

"We're not disagreeing with the right of free speech, but it tears us up when we see people not respecting the flag that we saw [friends die trying to protect the freedom it represents,]" said Rich Adams, former commander of the post.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1463 in Lititz is also boycotting the NFL games, according to a report by LNP.

Adams, a Vietnam War veteran, said the protests disrespect the symbol of American freedom and all those who came home in flag-draped coffins.

He said about 50 to 100 people visit American Legion post in Mechanicsburg  each Sunday to watch the NFL games. He said he and the post current commander, Harley Estep, don't care if the decision to turn off football means fewer people come on Sunday.

"I am more concerned with my veterans than I am with the dollar," Estep said. "They're not doing anything other than disrespecting the public."

Free speech has always been a dodge. Having the right to be offensive is not an entitlement to maintain public support or immunity from criticism for being offensive. 

And the rejection of the anthem is a deliberate attack on America by black nationalist racists and their collaborators and useful idiots. It's a disgusting display of contempt by a racist ideology. And it should be called out for what it is.