San Juan Mayor Praised Puerto Rican Separatist Terrorist

The media has found a new heroine in San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Cruz did, what every leftist hero these days does, she picked a fight with Trump. And you can't turn on cable news without seeing her parading around in her, "We are dying" t-shirt. Because apparently nothing is standing in San Juan except the custom t-shirt printing places. (Anyone want to bet that getting that shirt made for the mayor was more of a priority than delivering American aid?)

But, to no one's surprise, Cruz is a fan of Puerto Rican separatists.

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz, who attacked President Donald Trump for his response to the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, has previously praised FALN terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera.


“Hello, San Juan. Freedom for Oscar Lopez Rivera.. soon he will be with us. We have to thank every Puerto Rican man and woman, who for a long time, many of us didn’t know Oscar Lopez Rivera. He was fighting the fight,” she said.

“We’re going to give you more details when we welcome this great Puerto Rican patriot in a cause that unites us and to know that, in spite of our differences, we can do big things in this country,” she continued.

Yulin Cruz added, “This great celebration is going to be in the streets and it is going to be extraordinarily large. So do come by starting Thursday to celebrate what our hearts scream for. Thanks, President Obama. Long live Oscar Lopez Rivera.”

Puerto Rican separatists want Americans gone. Which makes Cruz's tantrums ring false as anything except propaganda.

President Trump accused Cruz of serving Democrat agendas by attacking him. But Puerto Rico isn't America. Few American Dems actually want to secede. Some black nationalists, who are now quite mainstream, toy with the idea. But Puerto Rican separatists actually want their own country. And so attacking America, with bombs like Rivera, or words, like Cruz, is their way of trying to make it happen.