Hillary Clinton's Disgusting Exploitation of Las Vegas Shooting

Hillary Clinton is the ultimate unwanted guest of American politics. Beyond her narrow fanbase, she has a bipartisan opposition that wishes she would just leave.

But instead her post-presidential career looks a lot like her presidential bid. There's the unnecessary book tour and the constant attempts to latch on to any issue for her own political benefit.

No sooner did the sound of gunfire die down in Las Vegas than Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to inform us that we need to fight the NRA. And then claimed that the NRA wanted the shooter to have a silencer.

The weapon that the Las Vegas shooter appears to have used is not the sort of thing you pick up in a store. Regardless of what British journalists and New York reporters think. 

The shooter appears to have thoroughly and expertly planned out his attack. We don't know what his affiliations are, or might be, but he knew exactly what he was doing. And what he was doing was illegal, from the very start. This wasn't a case of someone stopping by their local gun store and then going on a shooting spree. This was a killer who set out to hunt people. And knew his equipment.

But Hillary Clinton isn't interested in the facts. Attacking the NRA is a good bet in her bubble. And so it's what she does. A whole bunch of bodies left over from the worst mass shooting in this country's history (so far) don't trouble her in the least. It's always about the agenda. It's never about the people. Except one person. Herself.

That sums up her career. And why she lost.