Now They're Trying to Blame Trump for California Wildfires

The media's formula is simple. Tragedy + Trump = Story.

After trying to make Texas into Trump's Katrina and then trying to make Puerto Rico into Trump's Katrina, it was on to the California wildfires.

Californians wonder why Trump isn't tweeting about the fatal wildfires - Washington Post

If Trump tweets about them, surely the wildfires will go out.

Trump Nixing Obama-era Regulations as Wildfires Rage Is a Crime Against Humanity - The Observer

Isn't everything Trump does a crime against humanity? But clearly those regulations are working well. Or maybe the fires sensed that Trump would nix them and preemptively broke out.

You could learn everything you need to know about the Trump administration’s climate change policy from the front page above the fold in Wednesday’s edition of The New York Times. The left column screamed headlines that more than 20 lives were lost and 170,000 acres burned from wildfires in Northern California that continue to rage out of control. And on the right: an editorial on the EPA’s official decision to unwind the Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s signature climate change policy.

Even Al Gore might hae trouble linking the scam that is the Clean Power Plan with California wildfires. Maybe Bill Nye could take a whack at it. Or David Icke. But I repeat myself.

And then finally there's the Chronicle's crazy editorial... "California burns: Where’s the president?"

Declaring it a major disaster. 

President Donald J. Trump Approves Major Disaster Declaration for California

That was 6 days ago. But apparently it's not good enough because Trump didn't tweet about it. Why? Don't ask me. Ask the #Resistance fighters at the Chronicle. 

Here's Paragraph 1

"As raging wildfires devour the lives, homes and dreams of Californians in an unprecedented scale, one voice has been conspicuously mute through day after day of crisis: President Trump."

And Paragraph 4

"On Tuesday, before welcoming the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, Trump said he had spoken with Gov. Jerry Brown and that the federal government would stand with the “people of California and be there with you in this time of terrible tragedy and need.”

It doesn't sound like the Chronicle's editors understand what "mute" means.

So how can it be that the loss of 40 human beings on American soil did not merit a single tweet?... Devastated California awaits your leadership, Mr. President. Tweet up, if you care.

Sure, Trump actually authorized a major disaster declaration and FEMA has begun its work, but the Chronicle's editorial board demands to know why Trump isn't tweeting about it.