Michael Moore Breaks Up With Harvey Weinstein

It was a love story for the ages. But now a beautifully hideous friendship is over.

Harvey Weinstein and Miramax helped make Michael Moore a household name starting with Fahrenheit 9/11 when it took over backing after Mel Gibson's Icon backed out. And Harvey stuck with him through Sicko, Capitalism: A Love Story and picked up his anti-Trump sequel to Fahrenheit. 

Michael Moore has been secretly making a documentary about Donald Trump’s presidential election victory titled Fahrenheit 11/9, and The Weinstein Company toppers Bob and Harvey Weinstein have just personally secured worldwide rights to the film, which is still in production.

But now Michael has been forced to break up with Harvey. Especially since the Weinstein Company fired him. He's even proposing what he calls, "A World Without Harveys".

But in a world without Harveys, who would have made Fahrenheit 9/11 possible? And so many of Moore's other agitprops?

The post is a typical mixture of bragging and evasion.

I have intervened on more than one occasion and I have fired men who sexually harass women. Harvey Weinstein knew better than to behave inappropriately toward women in my presence. I'm guessing successful sociopaths like him who get away with it for years are very, very careful not to let the kind of men who would stop them dead cold ever get a glimpse of who they really are. I don't live in Weinstein's Hollywood world and I make documentaries, so I can't speak to the culture he created and seemed to thrive in. 

Yes, Harvey Weinstein was very careful not to rape women in front of Michael Moore out of fear that Cuba's Greatest National Treasure would have singlehandedly taken him on and defeated him.

And Michael Moore doesn't live in "Weinstein's Hollywood world".

In an interview with Variety on Monday, activist and filmmaker Michael Moore suggested that Democrats should consider running a celebrity for office in 2020. A the top of Moore's list? Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Moore further encouraged Democrats to run celebrities, including Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey.

"Why we don't run someone who's beloved by the American people?" Moore said. "People love Hollywood."

It's okay. Michael Moore and consistency have never been on speaking terms.

And speaking of consistency... here's this 2015 Tweet.