NFL Players Now Protesting Anthem Over Gender Pay Gap

... because you know how much NFL players care about the gender pay gap.

CNN contributor and former NFL receiver Donté Stallworth said Saturday the NFL kneeling protests are also about the "gender pay gap" and "housing discrimination" in addition to police brutality toward minorities and racism.

Sure. Why not. 

Also Christian bakers refusing to bake gay marriage cakes, the Muslim travel ban and marijuana legalization. Why not just go for the whole raft of lefty pet issues? 

When you see NFL millionaires refusing to stand for the anthem, don't you just think, "They're angry about the gender pay gap"?

But at least now we know why Hillary Clinton endorsed the anthem protests. Aside from the Clintons having less loyalty to America than they do to their gardeners.

Reality check.

1. Protesting the anthem is not about anything except protesting America. Any subsidiary issues are based on an understanding that America is illegitimate. The source of such protests is ultimately a black nationalist rejection of America. 

2. Most of the players protesting are too stupid to have any idea what they're even protesting about. It's just the trendy thing to do. And that's how we end up with "gender pay gap" and "housing discrimination". Both compelling issues for NFL millionaires.

But anyway back to Donte, or Donté ...

Stallworth was signed by CNN as a contributor this year. In addition to television work, Stallworth regularly speaks to NFL rookies on the dangers of drunk driving.

He served a 30-day jail sentence after pleading guilty in 2009 to DUI manslaughter after he struck and killed a pedestrian crossing a highway while driving drunk in Florida.

30 days for killing a man. Can we talk about privilege and power again?

Exit question. Did the person he killed take a knee when Donte hit him?