NFL to Roll Out “Social Activism Boot Camp”

The left creates a crisis in an institution to take it over and indoctrinate anyone in its grip. 

In entirely unrelated news, here's the next big idea from the NFL.

The NFL is going to bankroll a “social activism boot camp” for professional athletes in February, according to a new report.

“The league has agreed to finance a social activism boot camp at Morehouse College in February,” ESPN’s Jim Trotter reported on Monday.

The boot camp will reportedly take place over two days and will include professional athletes from other leagues besides the NFL. “And then, the organizers of that curriculum will work with the players throughout the year to try and teach them to get their message out and be most effective with it,” Trotter added.

Because NFL players can't be bothered to stop by a Black Lives Matter meeting on their own.

But thus far the NFL is doing a fantastic job of making things worse with every move. The backing for the anti-anthem protests alienated the fans. So the NFL tried getting players to respect the anthem before backing off. Currently the anthem is being censored, as is the booing, and now the next big idea is left-wing boot camp.

Because the only thing that can save the NFL is players getting even more left-wing and anti-American.