How One Gold Star Widow Reacted to a Phone Call from President Trump

This isn't the kind of story the media loves. It won't give a politician in a goofy hat her 15 seconds of fame on CNN. It's just reality.

Natasha De Alencar, the wife of Staff Sgt. Mark De Alencar of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), was returning home from making t-shirts and pillowcases in memory of her husband when she was informed by a casualty assistance officer that Trump was on the phone for her, The Post said.

The phone call was made four days after her husband was killed, and was recorded by one of her five children.

"I am so sorry to hear about the whole situation," Trump was heard saying. "What a horrible thing ... except that he's an unbelievable hero, and you know all of the people that served with him are saying how incredible he was and just an amazing guy."

"I wanted to call you ... he's a great hero."

"I want to thank you, President Trump. Those words are very kind. He was an amazing man, an amazing husband, and an amazing soldier. I couldn't be more proud of my husband than I am right now, sir.

Trump then told Natasha of the praise De Alencar received from his comrades: "Everyone tells me how great, I mean he's like, he was the leader, he was the boss, he was their friend. They all loved him. You know, just like you do."

"I really appreciate it," Natasha said. "I really do, sir. Thank you."

Trump and Natasha then talked about her children and their talents before ending the call.

"You just take care of yourself and come around and see me when you're in Washington, and say hello to your children and tell them their father was a great hero that I respected," Trump said. "I learned a lot before I made the call. I like to learn and it's amazing what kind of a guy he was."

"So just tell them I said, 'Your father was a great hero,'" Trump continued. "And take care of yourself, Natasha. I'm honored to talk to you."

Natasha told The Post the conversation was "a moment of niceness that we needed because we were going through hell."

Not all such conversations will go well. 

You're talking to someone who lost their husband or son. And to some extent, they can choose to blame you for what happened. Or they can just lash out because of the pain they're feeling. That's not the general rule. But it can happen. And the President of the United States may have the final responsibility for the decision, but he's a stranger. And it's why Kelly advised Trump not to make these calls.

President Trump has done them nonetheless. 

And for the most part they've gone well. But they won't always. If the media had any decency, it wouldn't be doing this. But it doesn't.