Leftist Billionaire Launches $10 Mil Campaign to Overturn Election

I'm so glad the media is in favor of dispensing with elections and just letting social justice billionaires decide who should be running the country. (Hint: Them.)

Tom Steyer launches $10 million campaign to impeach Trump

Democratic mega-donor and billionaire environmentalist Tom Steyer is spending what an aide says is "well over $10 million" on a national TV ad campaign Friday calling for President Donald Trump's impeachment.

The ads are running on broadcast stations in New York and California and nationally on cable television. Accompanying the TV ads is what a Steyer aide said is a seven-figure digital ad buy intended to get the minute-long spot a large audience online.

Steyer is paying for the ads himself, and they are not part of his NextGen America political apparatus.

Of course he is.

This sort of thing is bad enough when it occurs in the context of an election. But without the context of an election, it's just a billionaire spending a lot of money to call for overturning the results of an election.

And this is what the left supports.

What's Steyer's basis for his impeachment campaign?

In the letter, Steyer hits Trump for ending protections for undocumented immigrants brought into the United States as children, for "actively sabotaging" Obamacare, and for "repealing clean air protections and unleashing polluters."

"He has threatened to reduce aid for millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico who are struggling to survive without drinkable water or electricity -- a move that would be a total dereliction of his duty. And every day, Americans are left bracing for a Twitter screed that could set off a nuclear war. These actions represent systemic attacks on our nation's future," Steyer writes.

So Steyer wants to impeach President Trump because he disagrees with him. And no may disagree with him. But just to make this even more self-serving, running $10 million in ads calling for the removal of the President of the United States may just be a Senate election gimmick.

Steyer is openly mulling a run in California's primary against Feinstein next year. State Senate Democratic leader Kevin de León has already entered that race, challenging Feinstein from the left. 

...Steyer says in the ad, which largely features him speaking directly to the camera.

Instead, the ads point to a new website -- NeedToImpeach.com -- which features an open letter where Steyer takes clear aim at California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, citing -- without using her name -- Feinstein's comment that Trump "can be a good President." Feinstein has since downplayed the comment.


Option 1: Steyer would like to use his money to reverse the results of an election

Option 2: Steyer is irresponsible enough to use that as a weapon for his own political career

Either way Tom Steyer keeps redefining "terrible person".