Code Pink Has #MeToo March and Sexual Abuser of 14-Year-Old Girl

Code Pink's Women for Peace is just as much for peace as it is for women.

Peter Yarrow, convicted in the 1970's  of "making sexual advances" on a 14-year-old girl, will perform on Friday at a rally organized by the nonprofit Code Pink: Women for Peace.

Code Pink has close ties to top progressive funders. It's an anti-American and anti-Israel hate group whose big donors were close to Obama. It also has a Me Too: Survivors March scheduled for LA.

The leftist hypocrisy on sexual abuse really doesn't get any more blatant. Just ask Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin.

Yarrow's popularity in progressive circles matches his depravity.

"As reported at the time, the 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old sister went to Yarrow's hotel room seeking an autograph. "Yarrow answered the door naked and made sexual advances that stopped short of intercourse". The 14-year-old resisted his advances but according to reports, did not call for help. Yarrow served three months of a one-to three-year prison sentence. In 1981 the singer received a Presidential pardoned from Jimmy Carter.  At the time of his pardon, Peter Yarrow was married to the niece of Democratic Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, which is believed how he received the pardon."

This is what the left is. Behind all the sanctimonious lectures are a bunch of pedophiles and their enablers. #MeToo indeed.

Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary performed at Occupy Wall Street rallies, Anti-War rallies, John Kerry's wedding and in Ho Chi Minh City to apologize for the Vietnam War.

"Now, I'm here with that history and came to Vietnam ready to get down on my knees as one American and say, 'Please forgive us.'"

Unclear if he asked that 14-year-old for forgiveness. Or the victims or the victims of the Viet Cong. But John Kerry sure loves him. And Kerry is also a big fan of Code Pink.

The longtime peace activist and well-connected leftist serenaded Occupy Wall Street protesters in New York’s Zuccotti Park in 2011, sang at current Secretary of State John Kerry’s 1995 wedding to Teresa Heinz, is godfather to Kerry’s daughter from a previous marriage, Alexandra, 40, entertained volunteers working for then-Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign across New York City in 2008. He also traveled to Ho Chi Minh City in 2005 to apologize for America’s involvement in the Vietnam War.

The two-day Code Pink protest is called "Divest from the War Machine" and the activist will perform at the "U.S. responsibility for the legacies of war" vigil.

Try divesting from the left's culture rape machine instead.