Leftist Muslim Terrorist w/Temporary Immigration Status Tried to Bomb Florida Mall

Vicente Adolfo Solano was the perfect cross between an Islamic terrorist and a leftist.

New details have emerged in the case of a man accused of planning to bomb Dolphin Mall.

According to the FBI, 53-year-old Vicente Solano was plotting to kill as many people as he could.

Solano was arrested by the FBI just steps from the mall, with what he thought was a live pressure cooker bomb hidden in luggage.

As for his motive, the FBI reports Solano expressed anger over foreign and domestic policies that made him feel excluded because of his temporary immigration status.

The FBI cites a recording they said was created by Solano wearing all black and standing by an ISIS flag, in which he said, “The racist president who is a supremacist — white, who does not like Blacks, does not like the Chinese, he does not like the Muslims, he doesn’t like the Hispanics. He does not like anybody. They are indeed murderers, genocidists, invaders of this country who came to this country to kill all of the Indians. They abolished them, and now they’re telling us to get out of here. They are the ones who have to leave. (Expletive) that. In the name of Allah and our leader, Abu, we are going to defeat you.”

Solano had targeted the food court. His immigration status has been left vague, but he is presumably a TPS'er. And President Trump has made it clear that TPS will no longer function as a backdoor amnesty.

He also apparently had a criminal history and yet was allowed to remain in America despite that. I'm sure that in the days to come, some serious questions will be asked about that.

But at least it's good to see a man who can unite the diversity of leftist anti-Trump rants and ISIS 'kill the infidels' rants. Press 2 to record your "Death to America" rant in Spanish.

In one of the videos, Solano spoke in Spanish, saying: “I am here because I like the way that ISIS confronts the United States and the countries of the coalition. They’re strong. It’s a group that is growing in social media. I love that there is going to be a holy war....

“The United States is the most terrorist country of them all,” Solano continued. “It invades when it wants to and when it’s convenient for them. That is why I am joining the Islamic group, the holy war, in the name of Allah, of our leader Abu.”

This is what happens when you get all your news from Noam Chomsky and ISIS.