College Pres: Shoving White Female Student is Price of Privilege

Not having privilege is such a wonderful thing.

You're first in line for jobs. You have the right to silence anyone you don't like because their speech "endangers" your "existence". And you can shove them as much as you want. #Privilege.

The president of Michigan's Albion College told a student who said his girlfriend was physically and verbally harassed by anti-racism protesters on campus that it was "appropriate that all of us of privilege feel uncomfortable from time to time," according to audio of the meeting obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

President Mauri Ditzler made the comment to student Trevor Hill about his girlfriend, identified by the student paper as Ashley Witowski, during a Sept. 25 student senate meeting at which Ditzler fielded questions from students about the campus's increasingly fraught race 

Hill said Witowski was shoved and verbally berated as she tried to enter the dining hall, a violation of the student handbook's rules for peaceful protest.

"Are you aware of this harassment and what are you going to do about this," Hill asked Ditzler, who had stood in solidarity with the demonstrators.

The president responded vaguely that he heard reports of incidents and "mistakes were made," but that protests are only effective if they get people to listen.

Mistakes, passive voice, get made. These things happen. Social justice crybullies will be crybullies. And how are they supposed to effectively protest without shoving you and calling you names anyway?

Having the privilege to be shoved by leftist racists helps remind us of our privilege to be violently attacked by leftists.