Cereal Racism: Kellogg's Corn Pops Denounced as Racist

You're a racist. And your little dog is racist too.

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And your cereal is racist.

I hope you're sorry now.

Kellogg's will be redesigning Corn Pops cereal boxes after a complaint about racially insensitive art on the packaging.

The Battle Creek, Mich.-based cereal and snack maker said on Twitter Wednesday it will replace the cover drawing of cartoon characters shaped like corn kernels populating a shopping mall. The corn pop characters are shown shopping, playing in an arcade or frolicked in a fountain. One skateboards down an escalator. 

What struck Saladin Ahmed was that a single brown corn pop was working as a janitor operating a floor waxer. 

Clearly the yellow corn pops are oppressing the brown corn pop. And why is Tony the Tiger's face white? And doesn't the Fruit Loops toucan just embody white supremacy?

Saladin Ahmed is an internet troll and that mandatory Muslim that every leftist field is required to have now that the followers of Mohammed are officially the biggest victim group ever. And like all leftist quotas, he's very eager to expose all that social injustice lurking on cereal boxes. 

But Kellog's is partly controlled by the W.K. Kellog Foundation which backs assorted black nationalist and anti-democratic activism. So Saladin Ahmed is really denouncing a company controlled by La June Montgomery Tabron, who probably knows more about racism than Ahmed. 

Still now that we've solved the Great Racist Cereal Crisis of 2017, it's time to find the racism in corn in general. Baking soda. And paper towels.