Hillary Clinton is Lying About the Dossier

Hillary Clinton lying is the default state in American politics. And like all her lies, this one is clumsy and unnecessary. If the dossier is just opposition research, as her people insist, why bother lying about it? Everyone does opposition research. The only reason to lie about the dossier is if it was something more than that. And lying about it reveals exactly that. As Hillary's lies usually do.

That's the point I make in today's article.

Hillary and the DNC hire Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS hires Steele. Steele contacts an FBI pal. The FBI takes up the dossier. And then it’s turned into a pretext for eavesdropping.

But there isn’t supposed to be a link between the Democrats and the eavesdropping. 

That’s why Marc Elias, the Clinton campaign and DNC lawyer who hired Fusion GPS, had denied it in the past. It’s why Fusion GPS fought the investigation so desperately. Opposition research isn’t a crime. A conspiracy to eavesdrop on your political opponents however is very much a criminal matter.

And, like most Hillary lies, this one is clumsy and instantly destructible

Hillary Clinton only learned about the now-infamous "Trump dossier" after BuzzFeed News posted it, despite the fact that the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee helped fund it, a source confirmed to CBS News.

Because we all know what a huge fan of BuzzFeed, Hillary Clinton is. And it's another one of those anonymous sources that can be easily disavowed.

But Hillary Inc. would like us to believe that their candidate repeatedly made accusations about Trump and Russia without ever having access to her own campaign's dossier on the subject, or even being aware of its existence.

That's rather impressive. Especially considering this.

The dossier was circulating around D.C. A number of Democrats had learned about it. But not the woman who paid for it. Even when it was showing up in a variety of news stories.

It took BuzzFeed's publication of it for that to change. Because that's how out of the loop she is.

And if you think that's plausible, let her tell you about the time she tried to join NASA and the Marines.