Manhattan Muslim Terrorist was in Mosque NYPD was Accused of Profiling

As I discuss in today's article, the left had very effectively dismantled the NYPD's counterterrorism effectiveness. Among the many complaints, all of which claimed that the NYPD was making Muslims feel bad, was the profiling of mosques in New Jersey.

Especially one mosque in Paterson. 

The NYPD targeted a Paterson mosque in its surveillance of Muslims in New York and New Jersey — recording license plates and photographing worshipers — according to new, detailed reports that shed more light on the massive spying operation across state lines. 

The New York Police Department's actions have drawn sharp rebuke from some local and state officials, who said the targeting of citizens based on religion and ethnicity may have violated their civil rights. On Thursday, U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., was the latest public official to call for an investigation into the NYPD's actions and into whether proper protocol was followed and constitutional rights were respected. 

I think Bob's busy with other things at the moment. But this was back in 2012.

one of their priorities was the Masjid Omar Mosque on Getty Avenue, which the NYPD identified as a target in a 2006 report. The reactions of Muslims from Paterson and Clifton who visited the mosque for afternoon prayers ranged from bewilderment to anger. 

"We are American citizens," Badr Awad of Clifton said. "No one has the right to spy on American citizens. If they don't respect us American citizens, there will be big problems." 

Big problems indeed.

You'll never guess where the Uzbek Islamic terrorist who murdered 8 people in Manhattan hung his shoes.

The Paterson mosque that the suspect in Tuesday's deadly terror attack in New York City attended was among several in New Jersey that the New York Police Department targeted as part of a broad surveillance program that was intended to identify "budding terrorist conspiracies."

The Masjid Omar Mosque is on Getty Avenue, around the corner from the apartment where the suspect, Sayfullo Saipov, lived with his family. Neighbors told The Record and that he worshiped there.

Good thing the left put a stop to that.