"Guam Tipping Over" Congressman Claims Stolen Election

Congressman Hank Johnson, a cheerful racist who once claimed Guam might tip over and compared Jews to termites, is back at it again.

 Georgia Congressman Hank Johnson says he thinks Republicans may have stolen an election from his fellow Democrat, Jon Ossoff. Ossoff lost a special congressional election to Republican Karen Handel in June in the most expensive congressional election in US history.

"A difference of about 3200 votes," recalled US Rep. Hank Johnson. The Democrat had employed Ossoff as a congressional aide. Ossoff stayed consistently ahead in most polls leading up to the runoff – then lost on election night.

"I think it’s quite possible that Jon Ossoff won that election and the election was stolen from him. That’s my suspicion," Johnson said Monday.

Except that when Ossoff, Johnson's pajama boy, went up against Karen Handel, he lost 52 to 47. Or some 13,000 votes.

If he could lose by 13,000 votes to Handel, he could certainly have lost by 3,200 votes. But what's really going on here is that the Ossoff clan are Johnson donors.

Ossoff boasts an impressive Hank resume. By 19, he claimed to have been the Deputy Communications Director for Hank Johnson where he served as “Speechwriter, press officer, strategist for successful 2006 effort to unseat a 12-year Congressional incumbent.”

That’s not bad for a kid who couldn’t legally buy a drink in a bar.

By 20, he was the Legislative Correspondent & Systems Administrator for Johnson. By 23, he was Johnson’s campaign manager. Not to mention his Senior Legislative Assistant. 

That’s very impressive. Or maybe not.

Ossoff’s parents are regular Dem donors. In 2006, the year that Ossoff’s LinkedIn resume claims he became the Deputy Communications Director for Hank Johnson, his father wrote a nice check to his boss. His parents, Richard Ossoff and Heather Fenton, went on writing those nice checks.

Hank Johnson raises a lot of money even though he doesn’t face competitive elections. He ran unopposed in 2014. He routinely wins elections by 75%. And yet he raised $638,258 for that race in which he ran unopposed. 

You get the idea.

But the Dems lost a whole lot of money on Georgia. $23 million.

And someone has to get the blame for it. So who gets the blame?

1. Hank Johnson for moving up a donor's kid?

2. The DNC and lefty groups for greedily making Ossoff into their savior when he promised to "Make Trump Furious" and using him to cash in when they knew he couldn't win?

3. Evil Republican voter fraud conspiracies

9 out of 10 times, the conspiracy theory is the conspiracy. This is no different.