Iranian-Qatari Propaganda Rag Accuses General Kelly of Hating America

The Intercept, a site which occasionally intersperses its Iranian-Qatari propaganda with attacks on Trump, has a headline, "John Kelly Loves America-- He Just Hates Americans."


If anyone is an expert on loving America and Americans, it's a site funded by Iranian-Persian billionaire Pierre Omidyar and co-founded by Hamas apologist Glenn Greenwald.

How can General Kelly's love for this country compare with propagandists and apologists for terrorists, not to mention associates of a spy and a traitor? Remember when the Dems were so worked up over anyone insulting "Gold Star Families"? Now they cheer as some of the worst figures in the media who occupy a dubious position somewhere between Al-Jazeera, RT and Der Sturmer attack Kelly.

In true Intercept style, the attack is an unhinged attempt to link Kelly to Nixon and then Netanyahu. Because why not. Death to America and Israel isn't just the motto of Iran. It's also the motto of The Intercept.