Lefty Columnist Hates Everyone Who Didn't Vote for Hillary

What happens when lefties stop pretending and get real?

That's when you get rants like this. It comes from Katha Pollit, a Nation columnist and professional feminist, and it was published by the New York Review of Books which admirably took a break from its Death to Israel coverage to call for Death to Trump voters.

Bubbles don't get bubblier than this. And Pollit confirms what every conservative thinks lefties are like.

Katha hates you.

But the main difference is that I hate people now. Well, not all people, of course. Just people who voted for Trump. People who do their own “research” on the Internet and discover there that President Obama is a Muslim and Michelle Obama is a man. People who use the n-word and can’t even spell it right, because—have you noticed?—Trump supporters can’t spell. Well-off people who only care about lowering their taxes. People who said they couldn’t vote for Hillary because of her emails. Excuse me, sir or madam, can you explain to me what an email server even is?

Can Katha explain how anyone of the corporate things she's outraged about work? Oh never mind. But at least Katha can spell the n-word right. That's what an Ivy League education gets you.

Also Katha thinks you're ungrateful because you put jobs ahead of abortion.

I know what you’re thinking: you are the problem, Katha, alienating Trump voters with your snobbish liberal elitism and addiction to “identity politics.” Yes, I wanted them to have health care and child care and good schools and affordable college and real sex education and access to abortion and a much higher minimum wage.

Katha wanted the best for you. And then you broke her heart. And now she hates you. No affordable abortion and real minimum sex education at good schools for you!

Actually, Trump voters are not the only people I hate. I also hate Jill Stein voters and Gary Johnson voters and Bernie deadenders with their ridiculous delegates math and people with consciences so delicate they could not bring themselves to pull the lever for Hillary so they didn’t vote at all.

So Katha hates most of the country. And sizable chunks of her own party. Just like Hillary.

Looking at you, Susan Sarandon and Slavoj Zizek! You are idiots and my heart seethes with wrath against you. 

I know not what my wrath shall does, but my New York Review of Books column shall be the very terror of the earth.

Also Katha hates herself.

And of course, I hate myself, too. That’s how hate works. I didn’t do enough. I donated the max but I could have given more, I could have written more and better, I could have gone to Pennsylvania as I did for Kerry and Obama. 

I don't doubt this woman could have singlehandedly turned around Florida and Wisconsin. And given Trump a much bigger margin. Can you just imagine being an undecided voter with this creature knocking at your door.

My work seems trivial: Given what we are facing, what difference does one more Nation column make? I might as well be an ancient Egyptian scribe logging production figures for cat mummies. In the old days, the days before Trump, it bothered me that so many people loved things I thought were stupid. Now I just think, Go ahead, enjoy yourself. Maybe your Batman DVDs will comfort you when we’re wandering around in the ashen hellscape of whatever apocalypse Trump will bring down upon us.

At least she's optimistic. 

Dare I say it? This is the optimistic message that the 2020 Democrat candidate needs to embrace. "I hate you and I hope you all die clutching your comic book DVDs while I rage swipe through Facebook."

It's the next best thing to another Hillary run.