Dem Rep on Sexual Harassment Crackdown Ignored Harassment in Own Office

There's no possible way that this story could highlight the hypocrisy and falsity of virtue signaling Dems any harder.

A lawmaker pushing for a more aggressive response to sexual harassment on Capitol Hill has kept her chief of staff on payroll despite receiving multiple complaints by women in her office about his behavior toward them, according to several former aides.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence, a former harassment complaint investigator for the federal government, introduced legislation recently to require congressional staffers to take an online course on sexual harassment.

Not only is Lawrence a former harassment complaint investigator (and of course she worked for the fed gov) but she's been virtue signaling on this aggressively. Meanwhile her own office was guilty of it.

But three former aides to Lawrence, all female, told POLITICO they personally relayed concerns to the congresswoman about how the chief of staff, Dwayne Duron Marshall, treated women. Each believed they made it clear to Lawrence that women in the office did not feel comfortable around Marshall or that he treated women differently than men. Two said they told her Marshall was the reason they were leaving her office. And one said she specifically cited “inappropriate” comments and physical contact.

Lawrence denied in an interview that any current or former employee complained specifically about sexual harassment. 

At least two former employees said they heard Marshall say he could not hire certain women because their looks were not up to par. He sometimes boasted that three of his female staffers made The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” list, one former aide said.

Marshall followed that employee to her car one evening, according to a staffer she’d later complain to. The situation made her so uncomfortable that the former aide, who quit after just a few months, began asking colleagues to walk her to her car.

But of course Lawrence knew nothing. Not a thing.

By that time, the stream of women leaving had caused a stir in the office. Lawrence asked other employees whether they felt the same way about Marshall. At least one told her yes, and that many women in the office did, too.

“She had said to me, ‘I’m really for women; I really want to support women’s issues,’” one of the ex-staffers said. “And so we would say, ‘Hey, well, Duron’s a problem.'"

According to the employee, Lawrence responded that Marshall “has his good points and his bad points” and said, “I’m going to talk to him.”

Same pioneering strategy pursued by progressive outlets around the country.

But we are talking CBC here. The usual CBC objective is to make money and appear on MSNBC to denounce President Trump as a racist. That said, how long before we get the, "They were racists" defense here.