George Takei Blames Russia for Sexual Assault Allegations

Oh my!

You know that the shark has been jumped when lefties start using "Russia" as the defense for just about anything and everything.

George Takei, a former Star Trek actor now best known as a creepy living internet meme, decided to try the Russia defense for the sexual assault allegations against him. If it worked for losing a presidential election, why not an assault on a male model?

"A friend sent me this. It is a chart of what Russian bots have been doing to amplify the stories containing the allegations against me. It's clear they want to cow me into silence, but do not fear, friends. I won't succumb to that," Takei tweeted.

Has there ever been better evidence that the 240 character expansion is a mistake? 

Then Takei tried to claim that he had been attacked when he "criticized Putin's anti-LGBT policies publicly."

Takei's stupid tweets, which he since deleted, make the same basic mistake as much of the media spin. Russian bots no doubt are pushing up stories about Takei. Not because Putin harbors a grudge for a guy whose entire existence is already a joke, but because it's a trending story. The whole point of these online influence operations is to be associated with popular material in order to slip in the stuff that Russian intel really wants to get in there. And no, that's not Takei.

Bots go with trending topics because it's the best way to build influence. Takei has confused the chicken and the egg. And all he managed to was dig a deeper hole.