Failed Actor/Governor Demands Health Warning on Gasoline

Don't drink the gasoline. And stay away from the steroids.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of such hit films as Jingle All the Way and that movie he did a few years ago that no one watched, is back with real solutions to an imaginary problem.

The former failed California governor has a great new idea for how to stop Global Warming. Put health warnings on gasoline

 Arnold Schwarzenegger, former California governor and Hollywood actor and film producer, issued a challenge on Sunday to governments to start labeling fossil fuels with a public health warning that their use could cause illness and death.

He lauded the World Health Organization (WHO) for sealing a 164-nation tobacco control pact in 2003 that led to consumers of cigarettes and cigars being alerted to the health risks of smoking, including lung cancer.

“Wouldn’t it be great now if they could... make the same pact with the rest of the world to go and say, ‘Let’s label another thing that is killing you - which is fossil fuels,'” he said to applause on the sidelines of U.N. climate talks in Bonn.

Schwarzenegger suggested telling customers at petrol stations that “what you pump into your tank may kill you”, and plastering oil tankers driving along highways with messages that their contents are dangerous to health.

How about a health warning for steroids? 

Yes folks, drinking gasoline is bad for you. So is being a pampered movie star with only a tenuous connection to reality. And an empty life that requires him to seek attention in embarrassing ways now that he's no longer a successful movie star.

But another health warning is exactly what California (or Kahlifornia) needs.

Every time I get off the plane, I know I'm in California when I see a Proposition X warning about how breathing the air in the airport may kill me. Every building has Proposition warnings about car fumes, BBQs and bad vibes. 

No one pays attention to them. 

California's crazy lefties have stuck so many health warnings on everything that they're wallpaper. Ten years from now, every building in California will just consist of health warnings.

But it is good to see that the guy who not all that long ago was touting a Hummer and keeps jetting off around the world is now demanding health warnings for your Toyota Corolla.

Anything for another 15 minutes of fame. And having an audience cheer his, "I'll be back."