Is Obama Inc. Protecting Biden from a Sexual Assault Accusation?

In the midst of all the usual media pablum, a curious item has been making its way across the leftsphere. Its title is, "Breitbart's Coming Exploitation of the Believe Women Movement."

It's been cited by a number of lefty media outlets, including Michelle Goldberg's New York Times piece attacking Bill Clinton's accusers and challenging the idea that women should be believed when they accuse politicians, at least Democrats, of assault.

There are two very curious things about "Breitbart's Coming Exploitation of the Believe Women Movement."

1. The article appears to be anticipating a sex scandal about a Democrat presidential candidate in 2020

2. It ran on Crooked, which was founded by Obama staffers

Crooked isn't just another lefty site. Its top people are Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Jon Lovett, and Dan Pfeiffer. All Obama spokesmen, speechwriters and staffers. The site is very much an obvious attempt to attack Trump. But it would be foolish not to understand that it's meant as a key platform for the emerging Dem candidate in 2020.

Whoever that will be. And whomever, Obama and his operation decide to back.

So here's this key Obama asset warning that the right will exploit(s) "the beneficence of the “believe women” campaign" to hit the future Dem nominee with a sex scandal.

Imagine it’s September or October 2020, and out of nowhere multiple women accuse the Democratic presidential nominee of sexual abuse, but instead of surfacing in a meticulously sourced story in a news outlet with a healthy tradition of careful reporting, it runs in a blind item on Or imagine such a story about a current Democratic candidate or leader landed in such an outlet tomorrow.

Yes, imagine.

Imagine why a key part of the Obama machine would suddenly need to speculate about such an eventuality. And warn Dems off it.

“Believe women” is an important movement, but it also obligates its adherents not to dismiss thinly-sourced allegations out of hand, even when they appear in outlets that have torched their credibility...   We underrate—as in haven’t considered at all—how low the rot of bad faith in conservative media could drag the rest of us, the whole country, all on its own. But the test of it is almost certainly coming.

This hypothetical scenario seems very definitive. And of great and sudden concern to Crooked.

That test is "almost certainly coming". We think this scandal might hit any day. And we're playing preemptive defense. Because this is bad enough that it might taint him among Democrats during the primaries. Or even the pre-campaign. 

So the questions are, What and Who.

The 'What' is almost certainly sexual harassment or assault. The Crooked piece worries about "Sex abuse" as the charge. The reports of it have obviously been traveling in lefty circles. Especially among former Obama people. That's why Crooked is on this early.

The #MeToo campaign after Harvey Weinstein has led to a lot of women sharing names. This guy's name is being shared among lefty activists. But it hasn't broken through yet. And Crooked is worried that it will. Associating it with Breitbart is preemptive defense. 

Crooked appears to think that the mainstream media won't touch it. Which is probably true. And even if it does, Obama Inc. will be able to claim that it was originally a Breitbart story based on this Crooked piece. And that makes it a rather clever plant. (Does Ben Rhodes get credit for this one?) But like the Soviet Union's Pravda, the story has to be read between the lines for what it's really talking about.

And so we have to work our way backward.

A top Dem, presumably male, allied with Obama Inc, has abused a female staffer. Or, probably, more than one. 

He's a potential 2020 candidate and may win the backing of the Obama machine. Orders went out to try and preemptively protect him. 

Can we figure out who it is?


1. Biden

This answer is too obvious. Biden is on a book tour and has a history of creepy interactions with women. He's also a likely candidate. The timing and the motive are just too perfect. 

Obama dissuaded Biden from running before, but threw him quite a bone with that White House event. Biden wants Obama's nod. Possibly sex scandals might be why Obama never got on board before. And he's close enough to Obama that even if he never runs, sexual assault allegations against him would be very damaging to Obama.

Especially since they probably occurred during the White House years.

Imagine a Biden staffer coming forward to allege that she tried to talk to White House people about Biden and it went nowhere. I can't think of anything more likely to generate this nervous response from Crooked.


2.  Deval Patrick

Patrick is reportedly a favorite of Valerie Jarrett. And he's got a major sex scandal that hasn't hit the national media yet.

Gov. Deval Patrick said he fired the chairwoman of the state’s Sex Offender Registry Board and put its executive director on leave last week, in part, because they tried to pressure a hearing officer to change a decision involving Patrick’s brother-in-law.

The case “involved some inappropriate at least, maybe unlawful pressuring by the chair and the executive director of a hearing fficer to change an outcome of a case” and resulted in a lawsuit, which the state settled last year – and was the “final straw,” Patrick told reporters today,

The brother-in-law, Bernard Sigh, was convicted in 1993 of raping his wife, who is Patrick’s sister. The Herald first reported Sigh’s failure to register as a sex offender in Massachusetts in 2006, during Patrick’s first campaign for governor, setting off a firestorm that Patrick said today “nearly destroyed” his sister and brother-in-law’s lives.

So Patrick's brother-in-law raped his sister. And Patrick fired Sex Offender Registry board members for trying to get him to register as a sex offender. 

Ugly stuff.

Probably not relevant. In this case. Unless Patrick has a little bit more in common with his brother-in-law.


3. Julian Castro 

Obama's former HUD guy who desperately wants this. The Obama connections could easily have led to the HUD piece. Could the Henry Cisneros curse be about to catch up with him?


4. Bernie Sanders

I don't see Crooked going to these lengths to defend Bernie. But there's no denying that Bernie Sanders has a shady background and some creepy views when it comes to women. And his campaign has been beset with accusations of sexual harassment from staffers.


5. Cory Booker

The perp here is probably male. But no one says he has to be heterosexual. It's hard imagine a worse double whammy, than Booker's complicated private life exploding Kevin Spacey style after the nomination. Somehow I think a nomination speech concluding with, "I now choose to live my life as a gay man and please disregard the 16-year-old" would be a new low in American politics.

That's all just speculation. But Booker is a likely 2020 candidate. And speculations about his private life are one reason few Dems have climbed on board despite his obvious Obamaesque qualities.


It will be interesting to learn which top Dem is really being protected from sexual assault allegations.