CNN Makes Compelling Case Why It Shouldn't Exist

CNN has had some really dumb stories about President Trump. There was CNN's claim that he was afraid of stairs.

And that he had two scoops of ice cream.

But CNN has really outdone itself.

CNN, like the rest of the media, spends a lot of time complaining about being under attack by the White House. And then making lots of noises about the First Amendment. No one doubts that CNN has a First Amendment right to run "Trump's face found in a dog's ear ".

But maybe at this point shutting down CNN would be doing it a favor. Not in a punitive sort of way, but just as an intervention.

CNN, like the rest of the media, can't quit Trump. Its Trump Derangement Syndrome just leads it to humiliate itself with utterly insane broadcasts like this.

Trump doesn't have to convince anyone that CNN is fake news. CNN does that all on its own.

Forget the fake part. I'm not too sure CNN can even convince anyone it does any kind of news.