Feminist Head of French Socialist Party Youth Wing Accused by 8 Women

Of course he's a feminist.

The former president of the Young Socialists is accused of sexual assault by eight women. These accusations could seal the end of the militant's political career.

"To be a young socialist is to be an activist of the universality of rights, which is why we are feminist and LGBT activists." This sentence, pronounced in 2011 by Thierry Marchal-Beck (TBM), takes a particular resonance six years later. The former president of the Mouvement des Jeunes Socialistes (MJS), the nursery of future PS executives, is now accused of harassment and sexual assault by eight women.

... he follows with interest the campaign of Barack Obama . 

I would have thought Bill Clinton would be more up his alley. And, it appears, it was no secret.

The behavior was repeated between 2010 and 2014, and many executives knew.

Here's one account in Liberation.

Louise, a militant of the Parisian MJS, had never met the president of the movement until this meeting of young socialists in Brussels, in mid-December. 300 activists from all over Europe joined the capital for the occasion. from Belgium. On Saturday, December 15th, a bar tour is organized. The troupe stops at the Floris Bar, specialized in absinthes and located dead end of the Fidelity. Leaving the dance floor, Marchal-Beck arrives at Louise's table from behind, lays her hands on her breasts and kneads them in front of her friends, who watch, open-mouthed, at the scene, from the front. "I turn and I realize who is doing this to me,says the former activist Ile. We do not know each other, he arrives and he pelots me vigorously. "In front of the reaction of the table, the president of the MJS releases his grip and turns on his heels. "In hindsight, I thought that what he did was totally crazy, he acted without worrying about witnesses," Louise breathes.

Comrades don't rat on comrades.