Blue Collar Wages Up Under Trump

That's from The Economist which insists, true to form, that the rise has nothing to do with President Trump.

You know how it goes

The economy improves under a Democrat

"Obama's foresight and vision made our recovery possible"

"Economic improvement has nothing to do with Trump"

Just media business as usual.

It is commonly said that wage stagnation contributed to an economic anxiety in middle America that carried Donald Trump into the White House....Yet Mr Trump’s rise seems to have coincided with a turnaround in fortunes for the middle-class. 

Just another of those coincidences.

The latest development—one that will be of particular interest to Mr Trump—is that blue-collar wages have begun to rocket. In the year to the third quarter, wage and salary growth for the likes of factory workers, builders and drivers easily outstripped that for professionals and managers. In some cases, blue-collar pay growth now tops 4% 

But of course it has nothing to do with Trump. Not a thing.

Has Mr Trump delivered on his promise to revive American manufacturing, mining and the like? A more probable explanation is that he came to office just as America began to run out of willing workers to fill all of its job vacancies. 

Sure. That's the obvious answer.

Manufacturing didn't come back. Companies began to run out of workers.

There are currently 907 active oil rigs in America, up from 568 a year ago, according to Baker Hughes, an oil services firm

I'm sure the picture have looked just the same under President Hillary Clinton.

Mr Trump’s election led to soaring small-business confidence, which is yet to abate. His promise to deregulate the energy sector may have spurred some investment. Yet his apparent economic success to date mostly reflects fortunate timing.

Yup. Just fortunate timing. Funny how the timing didn't work quite so well for Obama. And how the fortunate timing coincides with Trump's exact political platform.