Elizabeth Warren Flip-Flops on Hillary's Rigged Primary

Courageous activist Elizabeth Warren, who really stands up to the corporations when she isn't taking money from them, won BernieBro hearts when she called out the rigged DNC primaries.

"We learned today from the former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile that the Clinton campaign, in her view, did rig the presidential nominating process by entering into an agreement to control day-to-day operations at the DNC," Tapper said, continuing on to describe specific arms of the DNC the Clinton camp had a say over, including strategy and staffing, noting that the agreement was "entered into in August of 2015," months before Clinton won the nomination.

Warren called that "a real problem.""But what we've got to do as Democrats now is we've got to hold this party accountable," Warren said.

Tapper then asked, "Do you agree with the notion that it was rigged?" And Warren responded simply: "Yes."

But then Warren walked it back.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, said this week while the Democratic National Committee may have shown some "bias" in 2016, she believes the primary fight between Hillary Clinton and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders was "fair." 

"I agree with what Donna Brazile has said over the last few days; that while there was some bias at the DNC, the overall 2016 primary process was fair and Hillary made history," she said in an interview. 

What happened? As Hillary Clinton likes to ask.

1. Elizabeth Warren is a coward who was too afraid to jump into the '16 race. That's how the Bernie phenomenon happened. It clearly didn't take much backlash from Clintonworld to get her to back down and sing Hillary's praises.

2. There's a reason Warren avoids reporters. She's terrible on camera. And she can't handle questions well. Her whole cult of personality is based on what her fans imagine her to be. And the less she's being interviewed, the more room there is for their cult of personality.

3. Warren knew all this going in. And didn't have a problem with it.