"I is for Intifada": New Children's Book Celebrates Killing Jews

I can't wait for the sequel. "9 is for 9/11. J is for flying jets into the World Trade Center" and "O is for Osama bin Laden whom all the children love."

That sort of open support for Islamic terrorism in America is still considered unacceptable. But supporting Islamic terrorism against Jews in Israel can be marketed as a cute and cuddly social justice cause.

But let's be clear about this. Promoting the Intifada, celebrates the murder of Jews.

Controversy erupted in a Facebook group of Upper East Side mothers this week after one member posted an advertisement for a reading of her new children’s book titled, P Is For Palestine.

The illustrated text, authored by Dr. Golbarg Bashi, includes a line that says, “I is for Intifada, Intifada is Arabic for rising up for what is right, if you are a kid or grownup!”

“Intifada” is an Arabic word meaning “tremor” that is most commonly associated around the world with two violent Palestinian uprisings against Israel in recent decades that included numerous bombing, shooting and stabbing attacks.

One responder to Bashi’s post in the “UES Mommas” group, Bryce Gruber-Hermon, wrote, “Hey everyone! Let’s talk about one of those intifadas! Real family members of mine were MURDERED. Innocent women who never carried a gun, knife, or anything more than a book. My husband has 2 bullets in his back from those intifadas you’re justifying. If you think these are okay or fair or reasonable or just part of politics, you’re flat out telling me my family deserves to be dead. You’re not that bad of a person, are you?”

Golbarg Bashi is apparently an Iranian who markets Arabic and Persian oriented children's products via Book Culture on Columbus.

Bashi, or as she insists on calling herself, "Dr. Bashi", claims to be "artistic", "democratic", and also "race & gender conscious". Except you know, Jews.

In reality, Bashi's grasp of English often seems shaky. Take the ad for "P is for Palestine". "P is for Palestine - Stunning Illustrated Children's ABC Book about Palestine - is the realization of our collective dream to take children and grownups alike on an alphabetic trip to Palestine."

P is for Palestine was kickstarted online. So I wouldn't call this a professional publishing venture.

Meanwhile on Etsy, Bashi is marketing this thing as, "P is for Palestine: A Palestine Alphabet Book (Critically Acclaimed) Diverse Kids Literature on Holy Land, Geography, Culture, Christmas."

Nothing says Christmas like Islamic terrorism. Or the Holy Land, a Jewish concept.

P for Palestine has been endorsed by anti-Semitic figures such as Linda Sarsour and Rashid Khalidi. Not to mention Marwan Bishara.

Al Jazeera English’s senior political analyst is under fire for telling a prominent Jewish writer that he "gives Jews a bad name" and should know his place by showing "some Jewish humility."

Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst and host of its show Empire, made the comments on Twitter after Bloomberg columnist Jeffrey Goldberg complimented Al Jazeera.

And Noura Erakat, who defended Rasmea Odeh, who aided in the murder of two Jewish college students.

How about A is for Anti-Semitism.