"That's Just Charlie Being Charlie": Sexual Harassment Scandal Claims Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose's career as an oblivious CBS scold fell casualty to the #MeToo scandals sweeping journalism.

Kyle Godfrey-Ryan, a former assistant to Rose in the mid-2000s and one of the three accusers who spoke to the Post on the record, claimed that Rose walked nude in front of her at one of his homes in New York City and called her in the wee hours to describe fantasies of watching her swim naked. She said that she reported his calls to Rose's longtime executive producer, Yvette Vega, who apparently told her, "That's just Charlie being Charlie." Vega told the Post and later confirmed to ABC News that she regretted not doing more for Godfrey-Ryan and others who mounted similar complaints.

Godfrey-Ryan said that ultimately, Rose fired her, and she later left journalism.

Reah Bravo, who worked alongside Rose beginning in 2007, claimed to the Post that she was groped -- sometimes forcefully -- by Rose on more than one occasion. In 2008, she said that as she prepared to accept a new job, Rose offered her a position in Washington, D.C., and the opportunity to live in his Georgetown residence. She declined.

And then there's perhaps the worst Charlie Rose story...

The two others said he opened the door to his home wearing nothing but his bathrobe and invited them in, according to Business Insider. One, looking for job advice in 2005, said accepted but felt uncomfortable as she waited downstairs for him to get dressed. They had dinner together that night and shared a bottle of wine, but the intern said she ended up having to foot the bill. She ultimately found a job elsewhere.

Not only is Rose accused of being a creep, but a cheap creep who sexually harasses interns... and then sticks them with the bill.

Those previous stories just don't sound like the prune-faced soulless vacuum that is Charlie Rose. I had trouble imagining that fumbling creepy entity doing this stuff. But I can easily imagine it sticking an intern with the bill for dinner. 

What I would really like to see is Mike Wallace interrogate Charlie Rose. A pity it can't happen.