Why Do Pro-Israel Groups Keep Inviting Anti-Israel Obama Officials?

Whatever excuses there were for inviting the likes of Aaron David Miller or Ilan Goldenberg during the Obama era are long over.

Barack Obama is out. Trump is in. These people aren't making policy. So why do they keep being invited by supposed pro-Israel groups to bash Israel?

Here's one recent incident.

A former Israeli general and an ex-State Department official presented sharply differing views on the obstacles to Middle East peace during a Zionist event in America’s capital last week.

Miller, by contrast, told the American Zionist Movement conference that Israel and the PA are equally to blame for the fact that peace has not yet been achieved. He said that “both sides lack leaders who will make decisions and who are not prisoners of ideologies.” Miller said that he “cannot imagine either Israeli or Palestinian leaders getting up in front of their people and announcing that the conflict is over.”

According to Miller, the other major “missing ingredient” today is “effective US leadership.” He praised former President Jimmy Carter as well as former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and James Baker as “the only American leaders who understood that you have to use not just honey, but also a fair amount of vinegar” in dealing with Israel.

Effective leadership means bashing and pressuring Israel. While being pro-terrorist. 

And here's another.

AIPAC, the country's most prominent pro-Israel organization, sponsored an Iran briefing at its Washington, D.C., headquarters with policy experts Ilan Goldenberg and Michael Singh, according to those familiar with the event.

Goldenberg, a senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security, or CNAS, which backed the Obama administration's nuclear deal, is said to have blasted Trump administration efforts to tighten the landmark nuclear deal and advocated for closer ties with the Islamic Republic, according to those familiar with the briefing.

These sources expressed concern that the nation's foremost pro-Israel policy shop would sponsor such an event, particularly given its past efforts to rally against the nuclear deal.

Yes, I'm shocked that AIPAC is more committed to shmoozing Washington insiders than to Israel. Truly, shocked.

This is only the 1,092nd time that this has happened.

Let me reiterate what I've said in the past. The bare minimum standard for being pro-Israel is not being anti-Israel. When you invite creatures like Miller to praise James Baker and Jimmy Carter or Ilan Goldenberg to act as Iran's lobby, you're not pro-Israel.

It doesn't matter what's on your letterhead. It matters what you actually do.