Latest Conyers Accuser was Hired to Keep Track of His "Whereabouts"

Here's the latest accuser against Rep. Conyers, a top Dem at the center of the latest #MeToo sexual harassment scandal. And this one comes with a twist.

In the court documents filed earlier this year, the former staffer said she had a “fatherly affection” for Conyers, as well as “extreme admiration and respect for his legislative work as a Civil Rights icon.”

All these icons have feet of clay.

She also cited his “age and failing mental capacities” in the suit, saying she was hired, in part, to keep track of his “whereabouts,” call to wake him up every morning, and deliver his medication, including on weekends. 

That's not especially flattering. The previous accusations painted a picture of a serial predator. This latest one makes Conyers look like a lifer political hack who can't be removed no matter what he does.

A former scheduler in the Conyers' office attempted to file a sealed lawsuit against him this February in the US District Court for the District of Columbia that alleges she suffered unwanted touching by the Democrat “repeatedly and daily.” She abandoned the lawsuit the next month, after the court denied her motion to seal the complaint... The former staffer filed a motion this February to file a lawsuit that would be sealed from the public, saying she did not wish to “irreparably harm” Conyers. In March, her application for a seal was rejected. That month she sought to withdraw her lawsuit with prejudice, which would not allow her to re-file the suit in the future.

Compounding her stress, the former staffer alleges in the complaint, was that Conyers’ wife Monica Conyers referred to her as a “whore” and accused her of wanting to have an affair with her husband. The former staffer described the situation as a “time bomb waiting to happen.”

That would be Monica Conyers, who was sent to jail after being convicted in a bribery scandal. But nothing the Conyers do seems to result in meaningful consequences. 

Rep. Conyers appears to be incapable of performing his duties at worst, but altogether capable of a variety of abuses. His voters are a bloc that will vote for anything with D after its name. And that's why hacks like Conyers fill far too many seats. It's not just that Pelosi no doubt knew and covered it up. It's that the Dems created the conditions in which the likes of Conyers thrive.