Obama's HHS Sec: Clintons Wrong For Going After Bill's Victims

To set the stage, here's Obama HHS Secretary, a woman most people associate with ObamaCare, chatting with Obama's guru, David Axelrod about how bad the Clintons are.

In a podcast interview with David Axelrod, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius slammed those who tried to discredit women who spoke out against Bill Clinton — the most prominent of whom, in recent weeks, has been Juanita Broaddrick, who accused the former President of raping her in 1978.

“Not only did people look the other way, but they went after the women who came forward and accused him,” Sebelius said. “And so it doubled down on not only bad behavior but abusive behavior. And then people attacked the victims.”

As to whether it was fair to extend such criticism to Hillary Clinton, Sebelius said, “Absolutely.”

It's a nice, rather belated revelation. 

'You know, I was arguing with a friend who said, "How can you, how can people have voted for Donald Trump after that Access Hollywood tape?" And I had to be honest and I said, "Look, I voted for Bill Clinton twice,"' Axelrod recalled. 

'And I think he was a really fine president, a brilliant guy, committed public servant, but I knew, everyone in politics knew about his behavior,' Obama's former senior adviser admitted. 

And that admission sets the stage for the debate about Senator Franken.

The two prominent Democrats, however, turned to the accusations over Minnesota Sen. Al Franken's behavior, a prominent member of their party. 

'Now we see the Al Franken situation,' mused Axelrod. 'All of it is bad, but is all of it equal?' 

Sebelius suggested that it wasn't and that's in part because of how Franken reacted once the first charges came out, that he had groped and kissed a woman without her permission.  

'Franken has done something different than some of the other males involved,' she began. 'He first of all admitted behavior and apologized but immediately asked for an ethics investigation on himself.' 

Bringing back up Clinton's behavior, Sebelius suggested that this was a start.  

'He stepped forward immediately and did it, most of the others who have been accused have followed a very different path and it's a path that looks a lot more like what Bill Clinton did,' the former HHS secretary noted.   

And so we're back to the same cycle.

The Clintons are over and done with. Or no one would be talking like this. Franken is still in the Senate. And so he must be protected.