When Will the Media Stop the "#YemenFamine" Lies and Hold the Houthis Accountable?

The murder of Ali Abdullah Saleh, the former Yemeni president, means that the Houthis, an Iranian-backed Shiite terrorist militia, now dominates Yemen. You wouldn't know that from the flow of hysterical leftist propaganda about the #YemenFamine which claims that trillions will die because of the Saudi embargo of the Iranian terror group after it attacked the Saudi Arabia,

As amusing as it is to see the Saudis getting the same treatment as Israel, with Yemen swapped out for Gaza, the media appears to have as little interest in discussing the Houthis as Hamas.

Instead the propaganda feed acts as if the Saudis randomly decided to blockade Yemen (thereby killing every single baby in Yemen) for no possible reason except something to do with a complicated civil war. Some of this is due to propaganda being put out by Al Jazeera, the state network of Iran's Qatari allies. And some of it is the association between Obama and Iran that now leads leftists to reflexively ally with the Islamic terror state out of the most warped kind of herd instinct.

The death of Saleh once again makes it clear that the Houthis are ruthless. Saleh's outreach to the Saudi coalition was an effort to end the civil war. The left's backing for Iran only prolongs it.

If the left really cares about Yemen, then maybe instead of spamming Iranian/Qatari memes on social media, leftists might consider standing up to the Houthis.