CFPB Child-Bureaucrats Go Rogue With "Dumbledore’s Army"

It's another episode of Babes in Gov-Toyland.

We've had outbreaks of this before. After Trump's victory, some of these cells began calling themselves Obama Anonymous. One cell within the CFPB is calling itself, "Dumbledore’s Army.”

Some employees, including a few of the bureau’s top officials, have welcomed their new leader. Others, pointing to Mr. Mulvaney’s earlier hostility toward the agency and its mission, are quietly resisting. One small group calls itself “Dumbledore’s Army,” according to two of the people who were familiar with their discussions. The name is a reference to a secret resistance force in the “Harry Potter” books.

An atmosphere of intense anxiety has taken hold, several employees said. In some cases, conversations between staff that used to take place by phone or text now happen almost exclusively in person or through encrypted messaging apps.

Two things.

1. It was embarrassing being a member of Generation X. Being a millennial has to be even worse. Not only have we got rogue bureaucrats who have decided to wage a war against democracy, but they're also overgrown children. Maybe the new motto should be, "Don't trust anyone at the CFPB under 30." And if they ride a bike to work, have a magic wand at their desk and keep urging everyone to recycle, just fire them now.

2. Joking aside, this is yet another case of government employees trying to override elected officials. This is no different than Federal judges deciding that they can override any Trump policy. And it gets to the root of the old question about who runs the country. Do the people run the country. Or does a permanent government class decide everything.

Dumbledore’s Army has taken a clear position on that. And the encrypted messaging shows that the #Resistance members are breaking the law and actively sabotaging elected officials. 

It's time to find them and fire them.