Rep. John Lewis Wants To Be Segregated from Trump Visit

Civil rights hero John Lewis (not to be confused with civil rights icon John Conyers) can't share a civil rights museum with President Trump.

WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. John Lewis canceled his plans to attend the grand opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum this weekend because he would have had to share a stage with President Donald Trump.

But the Atlanta Democrat said Thursday afternoon that he would reconsider if Trump chooses not to attend the event.

“Right now we’re not going,” Lewis told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But there’s a possibility that the head man may not show up, may cancel.”

1. This is a childish tantrum. The Museum isn't about Trump. It's about civil rights. If Rep. Lewis can't put aside his hatred of the President of the United States long enough to be in the same room with him, that's sad.

And it's the opposite of civil rights.

2. Boycotting events involving the President of the United States in any capacity doesn't hurt Trump. The Civil Rights Museum needs Trump more than the other way around. That's true of most causes. Having the President there lends prestige to the causes. 

Lewis' boycott isn't hurting Trump. It's hurting the Civil Rights Museum.

And that's a strange thing for a supposed civil rights hero to be doing.

3. I have a dream. I have a dream that one day CBC and Latino Caucus members will put aside their naked hatred of Republicans and actually let African-American and Latino Republicans join.

4. Lewis seems determined that his ultimate legacy should be political segregation.