Muslims Shout, Death to Jews, Leftists Blame Trump

Muslim anti-Semitism. It's real. And the left's response to it is to excuse their anti-Semites and to blame the Jews.

Here are some of the latest outbursts of Islamic racism.

In Berlin, protesters could be hear chanting, Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud (“Khaybar, Khaybar o’ Jew”)...  Protesters also shouted a well-known slogan, “Thousands of martyrs are marching toward Jerusalem.”

In Sweden, protesters called for the killings of Jews in a demonstration in Malmo, According to reports on Swedish radio, demonstrators shouted, “We want our freedom back and we’re going to shoot the Jews.”

In Amsterdam the morning after the announcement, a man brandishing a Palestinian flag and wearing a keffiyeh (a scarf/shawl associated with Palestinian nationalism) smashed the windows of a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam. The assailant reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he kicked in the door of the HaCarmel restaurant.

So here we are.

There are two calls for massacring the Jews, Khaybar is a famous reference to Mohammed's ethnic cleansing of the Jews. That battle is also where the battle cry, Allahu Akbar, originated. And one straight up Allahu Akbar attack.

Along with a "For Allah's Sake" attack.

The terrorist responsible for Sunday afternoon’s stabbing attack at the entrance to Jerusalem’s central bus station hinted at his plans to attack Jews “For Allah’s sake” in a Facebook post just hours before the incident took place.

Closed-circuit television footage from the scene shows the terrorist approaching a metal detector at the entrance to the central bus station in Jerusalem and removing his coat – only to suddenly draw a knife and stab a security guard standing nearby. Abu Al-Keraa fled the scene immediately after stabbing the guard.

Hours before the attack, the terrorist, a resident of the PA-controlled city of Shechem (Nabulus) in Samaria, Abu Al-Keraa, wrote on his Facebook account that he hoped to “raise the banner” for “Allah’s sake”.

“For Allah’s sake we rose up, we wish to raise the banner…to let our religion [Islam] exult once again, and to make the Al Aqsa Mosque [on the Temple Mount] once again be resplendent.”

These attacks are religious nature because Islamic racism is the motivating force.

The left and its media outlets have been quick to blame Trump and the Jews. But those are just two ways of excusing the perpetrators of Islamic racist violence and blaming the victims and their allies.

When Muslims chant about killing Jews and leftists blame Trump, then the message is that Muslim racism is someone else's fault. And that's the perfect to make sure there's lots more of it.