Wife of DOJ Official Linked to Anti-Trump Dossier Worked for Fusion GPS

The circle really is closing. And, as I wrote last week, the obstruction of justice is coming from the inside.

Let's recap. 

We know how the Steele dossier got inside the FBI. That's the dossier funded by the Clinton campaign. Fusion GPS, a media smear firm, hired Steele to put it together. Steele, a former British intel guy, did so using a Russian intel source. Steele and Fusion GPS then passed it to the FBI and the media. But that wouldn't have been enough. They needed a DOJ contact. And it looks like they had one.

The department's Bruce Ohr, a career official, served as associate deputy attorney general at the time of the campaign. That placed him just below the deputy attorney general, Sally Yates, who ran the day-to-day operations of the department...

Unbeknownst to investigators until recently, Ohr knew Steele and had repeated contacts with Steele when Steele was working on the dossier. Ohr also met after the election with Glenn Simpson, head of Fusion GPS, the opposition research company that was paid by the Clinton campaign to compile the dossier.

Why would Ohr have been so comfortable hanging out with Simpson and Steele? Because his wife worked for Simpson.

A senior Justice Department official demoted last week for concealing his meetings with the men behind the anti-Trump “dossier” had even closer ties to Fusion GPS, the firm responsible for the incendiary document, than has been disclosed, Fox News has confirmed: The official’s wife worked for Fusion GPS during the 2016 election.

Contacted by Fox News, investigators for the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) confirmed that Nellie H. Ohr, wife of the demoted official, Bruce G. Ohr, worked for the opposition research firm last year. The precise nature of Mrs. Ohr’s duties – including whether she worked on the dossier – remains unclear but a review of her published works available online reveals Mrs. Ohr has written extensively on Russia-related subjects. HPSCI staff confirmed to Fox News that she was paid by Fusion GPS through the summer and fall of 2016.

I'm going to offer a modest proposal. End Washington D.C. It's a town of exactly these sorts of incestuous political connections, favor trading and dirty deals. And Obama and his #Resistance seem to have taken things to the next level. As I've said many times, this is Watergate x 10 and we're just now putting some of the pieces together of how the conspiracy unfolded.

A year ago, few people had heard of Fusion GPS. How many other organizations are out there playing a crucial role in our national politics. Even as most people have no clue that they even exist.