This Muslim Terrorist Rally in Times Square Shows Why Today's Attack Happened

Call it the Sarsourization of New York (and national Dem) politics.

Under Giuliani there were clear red lines for rallies and protests. Calling for terror and death was a red line. But Bill de Blasio, New York's current top dog, had crawled deep into bed with Linda Sarsour and Islamists. And that's where you get this from.


And here's more on what went on.

"With spirit and blood we’ll redeem al Aqsa!” shout the hundreds huddled under the neon arch that is the 42nd Street subway entrance. “There is only one solution, Intifada revolution!” And then, to top off the frenzy of religious hatred and incitement: “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.” Khaybar, to anyone not well-versed in Islamist eschatology, is an oasis not far from Medina where, in 628 CE, Muslim armies slaughtered and subdued the Jews. Finally, as the demonstration was reaching its peak, the crowd took simply to shouting “Intifada,” the name given to the Palestinian campaign of violence which has murdered thousands of Israelis in the last three decades."

New York City authorities would never have tolerated a Klan rally in Harlem shouting about bringing back slavery. Khaybar references are the same exact thing. But the Sarsorization of politics has legitimized such behavior.

Did today's attack spring directly from the Muslim pro-terror rally in Times Square. We don't know. But it's not hard to see how normalizing calls for Islamic terror in New York City can lead to bad consequences.