Anti-Israel Activists Force Closure of Menorah Lighting

Disgusting and typical.

The left has carried the day on many campuses with its heckler's veto..After a while colleges learn to shut down potentially explosive invitations using procedural trickery. Now the same is happening to public Menorah lightings. You can still light the menorah, as long as you do it behind closed doors.

Members of the public will be banned from a menorah lighting due to alleged threats from anti-Israel activists, it has been reported.

Councillors will mark Chanukah by welcoming a local rabbi to light candles at tonight’s Brighton and Hove City Council meeting at Hove Town Hall.

But the Brighton Argus reported that the meeting would now take place behind closed doors, due to planned protests by pro-Palestinian activists in the city.

The local authority told the Argus that no members of the public would be admitted to the building until the lighting was completed.

Police said they had been made aware this morning of a “possible protest” and were “addressing the resources required”.

The authorities could do their jobs. Or they can isolate the menorah lighting from possible attacks. And they went with Plan B. That is how it usually goes. And so the ghettoization of European Jewish communities continues.