3rd US Imam Preaches Mass Murder of Jews

He's not actually the third. But this is the third major scandal of this sort this year. And that was only because Memri has been highlighting and translating some of these mosque videos. This is only a fraction of what's out there.

In his Friday, December 8, 2017 sermon titled "Our Duties Towards Al-Quds [Jerusalem]" at the Tajweed Institute's Houston, Texas branch, the institute's imam and founder, Sheikh Raed Saleh Al-Rousan, speaking in a combination of Arabic and English, referenced the widely quoted Hadith stating that on Judgment Day, the Muslims will fight the Jews and kill them, saying:

"My brothers, the Prophet Muhammad brought the good tidings, when he said: 'Judgment day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews. The Muslims will kill the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind the stones and the trees, [which] will say: Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him... This is the promise of Allah." He added: "The hour [i.e. Judgment Day) will not start until Muslims fight the Jews there, in Palestine."

According to its Facebook page and its website, the Tajweed Institute, which Sheikh Al-Rousan established in Florida in 2013, with its Houston branch opening in mid-2017, is "a  non-profit, 501(c)(3), institute that strives to teach and spread the authentic knowledge of the Glorious Quran. Our goal is to spread the skills of Tajweed [correct recitation of the Koran]to all Muslims, young and old, so they can carry on this knowledge to future generations.​"

...and not misunderstand Islam.

In this week's piece, I delved into two recent cases, in California and New Jersey. Now we have a third case in Texas.

It was another Friday night in the Islamic Center of Jersey City. And its imam, Sheikh Aymen Elkasaby, had some thoughts about the Jews.

“So long as the Al-Aqsa Mosque remains a humiliated prisoner under the oppression of the Jews, this nation will never prevail,” he screamed belligerently in the World Trade Center bomber’s old mosque.

"Count them one by one, and kill them down to the very last one. Do not leave a single one on the face of the Earth."

On another Friday this year, in the Islamic Center of Davis, Imam Ammar Shahin implored, “Oh Allah, liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews.”

“Oh Allah, count them one by one and annihilate them down to the very last one.”

The Islamic Center of Davis’s initial response was, “If the sermon was misconstrued, we sincerely apologize to anyone offended. “

You can expect the same routine again. We apologize if you misunderstood our genocidal threats.