Did DOJ's Fusion GPS Man Shut Down Hezbollah Drug Investigation?

This is a potential collision of two major recent scandals.

1. Bruce Ohr, a top DOJ official, met with Fusion GPS people. And Fusion GPS hired his wife to go after Trump. Fusion GPS is the smear firm which the Hillary campaign used to create the dossier accusing Trump of Russian collusion. The dossier was then funneled into the DOJ and FBI. And was potentially used to justify illegal eavesdropping on Trump officials by Obama officials. Not to mention the current Mueller coup.

2.  We recently learned that Obama Inc. had shut down investigations targeting Iranian terror, including an investigation that would have gone after Hezbollah and its drug smuggling schemes.

This FOX News story asks whether Bruce Ohr is connected to both scandals.

A Justice Department official demoted late last year for concealing his meetings with the men behind the anti-Trump “dossier” has been stripped of yet another title, Fox News has learned.

Bruce Ohr is no longer head of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

This possible demotion might have a different reason behind it. Instead of Scandal #1, we may be looking at #Scandal 2.

Fox News has also confirmed that Bruce Ohr, as the head of OCDETF, was directly involved with Project Cassandra, the interagency investigation spearheaded by the DEA that tracked a massive international drug and money laundering scheme allegedly run by Hezbollah.  

The project recently was the subject of a critical and lengthy Politico report looking at how the Obama administration may have hampered the investigation. Those closest to Project Cassandra, including Derek Maltz, the now-retired supervisory DEA agent who was a major player in the operation, claim the project and its potential prosecutions were sidelined by senior Obama administration officials who didn't want to upset Iran in the lead-up to the historic nuclear deal with Tehran in 2015. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised to look into what happened with the investigation. Sources close to the attorney general told Fox News that he was recently made aware of Ohr's role in Project Cassandra and that Sessions is personally involved in the review and frequently asks for updates.

Which may explain why Ohr lost both job titles. It may also explain why Fusion GPS thought he was a good entry point. If you're the guy who does Obama's dirty work when it comes to protecting narcoterrorists, it would make sense for Fusion GPS to come calling.