You Can Get a "Poverty is Sexist" Shirt for Only $380

The Golden Globes were a virtue signaling trainwreck by radical leftists with no virtue or common sense. 

That's how you end up with a viral story about an overpaid actress wearing a "Poverty is Sexist" shirt. And then you find out that the shirt/sweater runs to $380. Because this is what Hollywood is. If it were any more fake, it would consist entirely of award shows.

Everyone wanted to make a (political) statement with fashion at the 2018 Golden Globes, but nobody did it quite as literally as Connie Britton. So here is where to buy Connie Britton's "Poverty is Sexist" shirt because maybe you also want to speak truth to power without even having to open your mouth. But it might cost you more than you think, especially considering the sentiment.

The shirt itself appears to be Lingua Franca, which sells many shirts with the same embroidered loopy script spelling out political sentiments. Other shirts say things like "Resist" or "I Miss Barack." The shirt appears to be a custom design of the same style. The thing is, these sweaters retail for $380. 

Poverty isn't sexist, but spending $380 to virtue signal about poverty is typical left-wing classism.

"My sweater says "Poverty is sexist" and we dressed in black to acknowledge that it is time for all of us, men and women, to empower ourselves with equality. My hope is that this movement will now reach the grass roots, the small towns, the villages near and far, where women have been silenced, without resources, in the face of gender disparity," Connie Britton wrote.

Maybe she should get them all $380 sweaters.

But I like how Hollywood has already fixed all its own problems by wearing black. Now it's time for the 'little people' in 'flyover' country to get 'woke', donate to Planned Parenthood and get their own $380 "Poverty is Sexist" sweaters.