Mira Sorvino Warns About Feminists Gobbling Up #MeToo

She doesn't use those words, of course. But that's the idea.

I have an article on this coming up in a few days. It's about how #MeToo is being shut down and replaced with a generic identity politics campaign for more 'representation'. Instead of fighting sexual assault, it'll be about having more black female directors.

Mira Sorvina spoke about the Time’s Up movement Thursday, warning those involved in to stay focused on harassment and abuse and not be distracted by the issues of “a very general women’s movement” encompassing more issues such as pay equality.

“Our lives have to become more equitable in every way, but I think we still have to stay focused on harassment and abuse issues rather than jettisoning them in favor of a very general women’s movement,” Sorvino said during a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour for her new show, “Condor.” “I think it’s wonderful to work for parity and equal pay, but we cannot leave the voices of all the victims of abuse and harassment behind as we move forward to rise together.”

But that's the whole point.

It's the same strategy, Harvey Weinstein used so successfully. Embrace identity politics and abuse women. The former overshadows the latter. Hollywood has been trying to figure out how to shut down #MeToo. And that's what #TimesUp does. It shifts from specific victims and abusers to generalities about inequality. Throw in some quotas and the party can go on.

Farrow also spoke about complaints by some activists about people complicit in abuse in Hollywood now gravitating toward “Time’s Up.” “The concept of Time’s Up is a movement. Various individuals will be attracted to it, and there’s no vetting process.”

Oh there is. That's why Meryl Streep is there. The vetting is how much power you have. And how much your image needs rehabbing. Not to mention your own personal ambitions.