Leftist Clergy Sell Out the Jewish Community to Hamas (VIDEO)

Dr. Charles Jacobs, whose fight against Islamists has made a tremendous impact in Boston and beyond, returns with another 'Moment' on the Glazov Gang. This one indicts leftist clergy for selling out the Jewish community to suit leftist agendas.

That means allying with anti-Semitic Islamist clergy to fight President Trump. It means crawling into bed with CAIR, with the Imam down the block who preaches a phony tolerance in interfaith settings, while shouting, "Death to the Jews" in his own mosque (as recent video revelations by MEMRI have shown.) It means pretending to fight anti-Semitism while allying with anti-Semites.

And not just bigots who say or shout things, but terrorists who actually go out and kill Jews. It even means money going to pro-Hamas groups.

Dr Jacobs offers a powerful message and a timely warning. When any clergy, Jewish or Christian, makes leftist politics into their religion, they will end up destroying their own religion and community.

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