Washington Post, Morning Joe Go "Weighter" on Trump Doc

After Dr. Ronny Jackson did his press briefing, David Axelrod and Dan Pfeiffer, major Obamaworld figures, defended him and asked lefties not to attack him. But asking lefties not to go full #resistance is like asking monkeys to use the men's room.

It's hopeless. 

Viral garbage drives lefty narratives. And that means the "serious" lefty anti-Trump outlets, the Washington Post and Morning Joe had to quickly jump on board for the clicks.

Dana Milbank at the Post got in ahead with "Is Trump's Doctor Okay?"

Milbank dismisses Dr. Jackson based on the claims of CNN clown Sanjay Gupta and then consults Bandy X. Lee, an apparently unlicensed shrink who diagnosed Trump over Twitter. And Lee diagnoses Trump and everyone around him with a shared psychosis.

The danger, Lee said, is that Trump’s courtiers do this for too long and succumb to “shared psychosis,” in which they come to “share his view of the world and lose touch with reality.”

Milbank may want to contemplate that the media's obsession with Trump, to the extent of denying a diagnosis by an actual practicing doctor who examined Trump, is an actual example of shared psychosis.