Washington Post Trying to Get Reporter Who Exposed Uranium One Fired

Freedom of the press dies in darkness.

We get a lot of lectures about "Freedom of the Press" these days. Senator Flake just put on his best acting moccasins and pounded the pulpit about it. But the press isn't free. It's an ideological network that exists to push its political narratives while silencing the political opposition.

And yes, that includes other reporters.

Here's the latest from the #resistance paper owned by the richest man in the country: the Washington Post.

"Staffers at The Hill press management about the work of John Solomon" - Washington Post

Here's WaPo openly naming and smearing an investigative journalist in its headline as part of an effort to get him fired. Why? Because of his reporting on Uranium One and other scandals, including the attempts to pay Trump accusers to come forward.

"There’s frustration that Solomon appears so tight with Hannity, the prime-time Trump apologist who has admitted straight-up that he’s no journalist," Erik Wemple writes.

I'm sure that WaPo would be equally energized about a reporter keeping company with Stephen Colbert or Michael Moore. 

Wemple and the Post are targeting The Hill to shut down investigative journalism unfavorable to their political movement. I'm sure Senator Flake will be giving a speech about that right around never.

But this is why, in a nutshell, we don't have a free press. We have a series of leftist media conglomerates that create echo chambers. When reporters do actual work, they get targeted and shut down. Ask Sharyl Attkisson. 

Anyone who sincerely wants to defend freedom of the press should call out the Washington Post attack for what it is, a smear campaign aimed at a reporter whose exposes hurt the left.