Google CEO Regrets That Firing Conservative Engineer for His Views Looked Political

It's always unfortunate when a blatantly political act appears political to the people you're persecuting. If they saw the big picture, they'd realize that there's nothing political about outlawing their views.

In response to the recent James Damore lawsuit, a Google engineer fired by the left-wing company because of pressure by activists within the company, the CEO is defending his discriminatory act.

Damore was fired for “advancing harmful gender stereotypes”.  What were these stereotypes?

That the gender gap in coding could be explained because women are more interested in people and men are more interested in things. Women were more cooperative and he suggested and that the gender gap could be reduced by making “software engineering more people-oriented with pair programming.”

But Google's CEO continues to defend his discriminatory act.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai has no regrets about firing James Damore, the engineer responsible for a controversial diversity-related memo last fall, though he said the way it played out in public was unfortunate.

"I regret that people misunderstand that we made this decision because of a political belief one way or another," Pichai said on Friday in a filmed discussion with MSNBC and Recode. Pichai said he wished the story hadn't made it to the public "in such a polarized way."

It was his company's own leftists who made it public. And faced no consequences for it. Instead some were apparently even rewarded for it.

Google has fired two conservatives. It has fired zero leftists even, when as the Damore lawsuit shows, they engaged in actions that violated Google's rules. Damore's lawsuit shows that it's Google corporate culture that was polarized.

Google further made a point of publicly firing Damore. But now its CEO claims to regret how public it all was.