Releasing the Memo is the First Step to Obama's Watergate

#ReleasetheMemo won. And the campaign to sabotage it has failed.

It took us a while to get here. The road ran through the unmasking requests and the investigation of the Steele dossier. The vote to the release the memo is an important step because it helps connect the dots between the Steele dossier based on Clinton opposition research and the surveillance of Trump officials.

That's why Fusion GPS fought to keep the identity of their backer secret. It's why the media has waged a ruthless war of smears and lies against the #ReleasetheMemo campaign.

But this is only a first step. The memo should provide concrete evidence that Clinton opposition research was used to spy on Trump officials. But pulling back the curtain on the full scope of the malfeasance is a much bigger project.

This puts us on the road, but a long way from home.

Obama's Watergate is the scandal that will show the full scale of both the surveillance and the unmasking. It will show how Obama abused the NSA to target political opponents. This is how we get there. But it's one piece in a puzzle. It's an important piece, but far from the last one.

The investigation must go on.