Are the Dems Trying to Tank the Economy?

The media's shocking glee over stock market losses showed just how much they want this country to lose. It made the refusal of their Democrat allies to applaud the economic recovery seem almost patriotic by comparison.

Forget what's good for Detroit is good for America. Try, what's bad for America might help them win an election.

Democrats are vowing to undo parts of the GOP’s tax-code overhaul if they win back control of the House in November... 

Democratic leaders are encouraging their troops to stage district-based tax-reform “teach-ins” designed to convince voters “what this tax scam means to families,” in the words of the direct appeal from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Pelosi acknowledged Democrats will need to retake the House to have any chance of repealing and replacing the tax law.

“It may have to be a ‘replace and repeal’ — replace them and repeal the bill,” she said.

The numbers for tax reform have been rising. So it makes sense for the Dems to redouble their efforts to defame tax reform. But there's only so much you can say to convince people that having more money is bad for them. And I don't think this move is really aimed at the election.

Winning Congress and then the White House requires economic uncertainty. If the economy keeps on booming, it doesn't matter how much fake news spam about Mueller the Washington Post puts out.

The Dem pathway is through economic instability. Stir up some of that and the Dems can dive right back in to class warfare. So they have to manufacture economic uncertainty. And one obvious way to is to send the message that tax reform isn't here to stay. 

That's exactly what the Dems are doing.

They're trying to lessen the benefits of tax reform by creating doubt and uncertainty about its future.